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A plan to rescue the Web from the Internet

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A bold, opinionated article that shows how different the Web as we know today is from how its creators envisioned it, how something born as a commons was turned into the corporative, for-profit, surveillance-based mesh of tracker-fueled walled gardens that ultimately gave rise to our broken and unhealthy attention economy. Then, the author lists the technical and architectural flaws that originated and support today's web's power structure and how they do so.

Finally, he suggests a plan to rescue the web from the internet: allowing end-users to own their own data with P2P cyberspaces like those empowered by IPFS, Dat and SSB; and stoping to rely on centralized, corporate-powered infrastructure with mesh networks; making all of those technologies and ecosystems competitive by introducing they in poorly connected places, where that stack capabilities really shine, at a fraction of the internet's cost and without intermediaries.