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Territory and the Maps

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This is the first post of a sequence in which I lay out my philosophy of everything. Yes, you are very right to be worried. This is a terrible idea, and it tends to lead to confusion, madness, and worse – academese writing. And yet, the plan is for each of the following to eventually transform into a green link to a post:

  • How I think about reality (this post).
  • How I think about free will and desert.
  • How I think about desires, motivations, and values.
  • How I think about morality.
  • How I think about happiness.
  • How I think about meaning.

Already, you may be encouraged. Each section is titled “How I think about X” instead of “How to think about X” or, Aristotle forbid, “What is X”. My goal is neither to get an A in philosophy class nor to win an argument and own the libs.