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True Detective: How Bullshit Becomes A Fact

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Sobre como desinformação circula no nosso ambiente midiático de marketing de conteúdo e citar a primeira referência que se acha na internet:

So let's recap.

  • In 2009, a book incorrectly predicted that millennial income would surpass baby boomer income by 2017.
  • In 2012, in a self-promotional pdf by a software company, this was misinterpreted to mean that millennials would have "more spending power than any other generation" by 2017.
  • A piece of "content" on an agency website, written by a "marketing strategist" 2 years out of college, used this quote from the software company to assert that millennials "will have the most spending power of any generation by 2018."
  • An article in Forbes used the assertion on that website to declare that, "By 2018, they (millennials) will have the most spending power of any generation."
  • And yesterday, an article in The Drum proclaimed that millennials "have the most spending power of any generation."

And that, my friend, is how in the slovenly and slipshod world of marketing, bullshit becomes a fact.